Things worth knowing about salmon fishing

  • Salmon fishing on the Tornionjoki and Muonionjoki rivers is permitted during the period 1 June – 31 August.
  • Non-fishing times are from 7 p.m. on Sunday through to 7 p.m. on Monday, a time when salmon fishing is forbidden.
  • The salmon quota is: 1 salmon/day/angler
  • In order to ensure the protection of the sea trout in the Tornionjoki River, any sea trout caught must be immediately released into the water dead or alive.
  • The minimum size for a salmon catch is 50 cm.

Rowing instructions for the Tornionjoki River:

  • Always wear life jackets when using the boat.
  • When using the outboard motor, please ensure the emergency stop is fixed in place.
  • You must always be sober when boating!
  • Fishing can only be done while rowing and rowing commences from one of the starting points, of which there are three. These starting points are marked with signs on the Swedish side of the river and with floating buoys in the river.
  • There is one rowing pool between the starting points – i.e. when travelling from the first starting point to the second starting point and there are others waiting on the shore, you must land your boat and wait your turn.
  • Rowing departures are always performed in the order the boats arrive at the starting point. Do not jump the line!
  • Please maintain a suitable distance between boats.
  • Do not remain rowing in a single spot if there are other rowers following you.

Have a look of this video "Fishing in Finland – Salmon fishing on River Tornionjoki".

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